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Clara Hatton



This exhibition celebrates the 300th anniversary of the design of the new cyrillic alphabet which opened in Sophia, Bulgaria in June 2008. Thirty international poster artists were selected to do a large full-color poster design for one of the 30 cyrillic letters. The show opened to wide acclaim and has so far been shown in Paris, Madrid, New York, and will be shown in Tokyo following the Fort Collins showing. Besides the posters themselves, there will also be large interpretive posters in several languages that explain the historical background, purpose and origins of the exhibition.

This exhibition will be an excellent teaching resource for our students. Besides it’s importance as a major 16th CIIPE exhibition, during September and October advanced graphic design students will be using the exhibition for inspiration as they design original new alphabets for their portfolio.

Alphabet of Europe – 300th Anniversary Exhibition Celebrating the New Cyrillic Alphabet