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Clara Hatton


Transfigured Night 2

Transfigured Night 2 is an exchange exhibition from the University of South Australia’s School of Art, Architecture and Design research group, DARE (Digital Arts Research Experiment).

DARE was established in 2006 around the practices of its six constituent members, namely Di Barrett, Greg Donovan, Andrew Hill, Mark Kimber, Toby Richardson and Olga Sankey.

Its aims are to demonstrate innovative practice within contemporary digital visual art and to develop research focussed on digital media and its evolving hybridisations in the disciplines of drawing, new media, painting, photography and printmaking.

In Transfigured Night 2 each of the six artists has created three or four prints, referencing Arnold Schoenberg’s 1899 musical score for sextet – Verklarte Nacht. Whilst still within the German post-romantic tradition, Verklarte Nacht broke boundaries by disconnecting its phrases from measured sequences. In parallel, this set of 18 prints displays new perceptual realities and provides a demonstration of how today’s leading digital technologies are writing their own disconnect from traditional media.

About the artists

Di Barrett is a Senior Lecturer and the Program Director of the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. Her work is held in national public and private collections.  Di has over the years addressed concerns associated with women by exhibiting artworks with titles such as ‘does not play well with others’, ‘inclined to talk too much’ and ‘read my lips **** off!!!’   With the use of image and text she investigates women’s issues, often playing on and attempting to shift the predominately male gaze to female.  Her identity and beliefs underpin her artwork with her more recent artworks exploring a perceived lack of spirituality in the world.

Greg Donovan’s early experience in a city/suburban environment, dominated by a public housing culture, provided him with an awareness of how social inequality can be defined by space.  More recently Greg’s studio practice has evolved into research on notions of cultural displacement and its representations. Greg has been a practicing artist and teacher since 1978, exhibiting both nationally and internationally. He is a Senior Lecturer and Program Director in the School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia.

Andrew Hill has a long history of arts engagement with both galleries and communities. He has created many significant exhibitions and publications, including several which have been considered milestones in the development of multiculturalism and the construction of art grounded in Australia’s cultural diversity. This work explores modes of representation, referencing Australia’s colonial past, its decaying manufacturing sector and its location as a site of gothic unease. Andrew’s work is in numerous public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Australia. He is Senior Lecturer and Portfolio Leader: Teaching and Learning at the School of Art, Architecture and Design in the University of South Australia.

Mark Kimber continues his role as a full-time staff member of the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. Currently he is Studio Head of Photography and New Media. In the past 10 years, he has held over 12 solo exhibitions and 50 group exhibitions Australia and worldwide. Mark’s work is held in many major collections including the National Gallery of Australia; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Art Gallery of South Australia, Artbank. Recently his work was acquired by the Queensland Centre for Photography and the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra and the Sir Elton John Photography Collection, Atlanta, USA

Toby Richardson lectures in photography at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. His work has generated national and international interest and he has won numerous awards for his innovative photography. He is represented in many public and private collections in Australia and overseas, including the Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Library of Australia, Arts SA, Artbank and the Power House Museum. Toby’s art illustrates the transition from found object to artwork in which he challenges traditional hierarchical structures and perceptions of art. He is interested in everyday objects and customs, and in these works of the suburban garage sale his camera uncovers the stories, messages and customs that objects possess. Toby is represented by Helen Gory Galerie in Melbourne and Tony Bond’s Gallery 139 in Adelaide.

Olga Sankey’s work is about how stories and narratives are constructed. Her interest in the gaps in communication, which arise from errors in translation and interpretation, is in part due to her bilingual upbringing. She explores the relationship between image and text using both traditional and digital printmaking techniques. Her work is to be found in many public collections including the Australian National Gallery, the Art Gallery of South Australia, National Museum of Modern Art – Seoul/Korea and the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions, Lodz, Poland. She is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia.

Transfigured Night II