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Warm:  Pronunciation: \ˈwȯrm\Function: Etymology: Middle English, from Old English wearm; akin to Old High German warm warm and probably to Lithuanian virti to cook, boil

1 a : having or giving out heat to a moderate or adequate degree <warm weather> <a warm fire> b : serving to maintain or preserve heat especially to a satisfactory degree <a warm sweater> c : feeling or causing sensations of heat brought about by strenuous exertion 2 : comfortably established : secure
3 a : marked by strong feeling : ardent b : marked by excitement, disagreement, or anger <the argument grew warm> 4 : marked by or readily showing affection, gratitude, cordiality, or sympathy <a warm welcome> <warm regards> 5 : newly made : fresh <a warm scent>6 : near to a goal, object, or solution sought <not there yet but getting warm>

Professor Suzanne Faris teaches  Foundations and Sculpture at CSU.   Faris’s primary area of focus is Sculpture and Installation Art. Her work is experiential in nature and explores the relationship of people to place to object as affected by memory and individual perception.

Professor Cyane Tornatzky teaches Electronic Art at CSU.  Her recent work  investigates the bittersweet notion of aging – to try and balance the joy of gaining wisdom with the notion that death is not an abstract concept, but will come to those that are older sooner rather than later. The piece involves several people, young and old, reading the same poem. Their voices will intermingle and separate, creating a textural atmosphere that will turn solitary when a viewer’s corporal presence triggers certain video events.

Professor Ajean Lee Ryan teaches all levels of Drawing at CSU.  Her work involves the exploration of the feminine and the materials of domestic labor.  This exhibition focuses on the themes of nomadic tendencies and the drive for domesticity within humankind and civilizations.  It also questions the idea of constructed landscape; be it backyard cultivated gardens or scenes within a vitrine in the Museum of Natural History.

WARM: New Faculty Exhibition Cyane Tornatzky, Ajean Lee Ryan & Suzanne Faris