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Clara Hatton


Simonetta Moro: The Panorama Project

In the Panorama Project, New York-based artist Simonetta Moro will present a series of ink drawings on scrolls. Once unfurled, the scrolls reveal various city views, from places where the artist has lived or happened to be over the last few years. In the panoramas, drawing is used as a tool to document the artist’s everyday’s experience in the city, in a form that is akin to writing, while evoking a cinematographic development of episodes that took place over a period of time.
The genre of the view is explored in all its possibilities: from the traditional bird’s eye view embracing a place from a high vantage point to the street view, where details and people’s activities come into focus. In Moro’s drawings the memory of the past and the urgency of the present merge, in the attempt to recreate what Aragon named “human aquariums”, our modern cities, which “have at last become the true sanctuaries of a cult of the ephemeral, the ghostly landscape of damnable pleasures and professions. Places that were incomprehensible yesterday and that tomorrow will never know.”*

*Luis Aragon, Paysan de Paris, trans. as Paris Peasant, Picador 1980.

Simonetta Moro: The Panorama Project