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Clara Hatton


Re: Admission is a solo exhibition of the multi-media artist, Kevin Curry.  Curry’s work involves a mapping of sorts, a multidisciplinary collection of history and storytelling that reflects the looked-over, passed-over, hidden and forgotten parts of our culture and lives. The codification of language and information is a key element as he chronicles the lost and discarded, the preserved and the relished.

In considering heterogeneous cultural indicators and societal detritus such as discarded signage, disposed consumer items and mechanized devices, he combines explorations with a strong tradition of mark and object making, while embracing the fusing of different media, technologies and approaches in an effort to transcend imposed artistic and societal boundaries.

As he looks to this tangible cultural debris for both introspection and inspiration, he embraces the repetition of the multiple and the freedom of the ‘do-over’ evident in the reclamation and re-presentation of discarded items and histories – materials reflective of both growth and decay.

We leave behind so many artifacts, that we are being physically and metaphorically overrun by our own past as it ebbs and flows through and around our lives. It is these trace elements of past experiences – indicators of future events – that inspires and fuels his work.

Re: Admission