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Clara Hatton


The seven artists of the Telegraph Art Collective originally met in Detroit, from there members spread to distant points around the United States. The collective has essentially functioned as a running conversation, typically conducted at long range. Occasionally the group organizes exhibitions and presentations that explore ideas of common interest such as architecture, history and process.

Works gathered for these exhibitions also question and examine the boundaries of fine art, craft and design. Telegraph made its debut at Chicago’s Stray Show in May 2004 and has since shown together in Toronto, Kansas City, Berlin, and various Detroit-area locations. Opening Lines: Telegraph in Berlin, will take place at the Pavilion at Milchhofand represents the group’s first European venture.  The exhibition will take place in a partially glass-walled pavilion. Access to the pavilion’s interior is only possible at the opening reception, after which works are to be viewed from the exterior.The seven artists of Telegraph plan to create an exhibition that takes into consideration the specific architecture and limited accessibility of the pavilion. These parameters have acted as creative prompts that have guided what the artists made and how and where these objects are installed. Art work will range from sculpture to paintings and drawings that employ a wide range of materials and techniques.


Telegraph is: Hartmut Austen, Haley Bates, Fabio J. Fernandez, Shannon Goff, Tom Lauerman, Brent Sommerhauser, Christian Tedeschi

Telegraph Art Collective: Conversations and Collaborations