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Clara Hatton


The exhibition features work by first and second year candidates in the Master of Fine Arts program in the Department of Art at Colorado State University. Amy Johnson is a second year candidate in metalsmithing/jewelry; Jenn Titone is a first year candidate in painting; Rachael Kloster is a first year candidate in drawing; and Maria Hettinga Duffy is a first year candidate in printmaking.

Statement from the Artists: “Our work is connected by suggestions of atmosphere, both literal and metaphorical, that relate to our own psychological realisms. Sympathetic to the humanist vision and phenomenology, we explore the ideals and contradictions of society from both internal and cultural perspectives. Collectively we choose to embody these philosophies with conceptual imagery. This exhibition represents a type of mini society working together. Filtering through each of our individual experiences, we wish to recognize as a group our commonality and relatedness as a byproduct of this cooperative effort.”





1st/2nd Year Juried Graduate Student Exhibition