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Clara Hatton


Whether narrative or abstract, an artist considers the intended message of a work and seeks out the parts that will fit together to convey that idea. Sandra Clark, Kirsten Gunderson, and Naomi Scheck are artists that work in different styles, if not mediums, yet they all create grand-sized works comprised of miniscule parts. In this way each of these artist engages with her works in a very close and personal way for an extended amount of time. Their processes do not even allow for an impression of the whole until the work is nearly complete. This same quality in making also offers the viewer multiple ways in which to engage with the work: a distant, overall view is required; the viewer is then compelled to inspect the details; this observance begs a re-visit to the magnitude of the whole.

Aside from the time involved in the process of creation, the works of these artists also relate to time in content. Sandra’s and Naomi’s wall pieces discuss growth and change with both an ephemeral and ethereal aesthetic. Kirsten’s floor rugs carry weight and are grounded, discussing concepts of enduring mythological stories. Placed together these works create a landscape of earth and sky with endless stories carried on the breeze.

Juried Graduate Student Exhibition