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Clara Hatton


Title of Show: Selfish

Artists: Sarah LaBarre and Cei Lambert

This project is a focus on self-portraiture and how the process of relating to one’s self via art is at once an extremely self-involved act and an act of kindness and service. Cei’s work focuses on images of the body and on visual mythologies that relate to his personal identity. In using mixed media varying from drawings to installed torso sculptures, Cei seeks to find an honesty about himself that he has not previously initiated while giving the viewer a look inside his mind and process.

Sarah’s work investigates the gaze as well as the act of creating a work of art that can be construed as being entirely self-indulgent and selfish. At the same time, the slow process of embroidery allows her to delve into moments of emotion and self-reflection, creating portraits that exude a sense of contemplation.

Artist Bio: 

Cei Lambert: Cei is a native Coloradoan and a current MFA student at Colorado State University. He found his aesthetic pleasure in the natural world and a sense of self from making art. Cei has been fortunate to travel widely and has spent a lot of time with history books, science fiction, and mythologies, all of which have shaped what he wants to communicate visually. Cei enjoys riding his bike, listening to audiobooks,birdwatching, and caring for his cantankerous houseplants.

Sarah E. LaBarre is informed by the language of painting, but uses a vocabulary appropriated from traditional fiber techniques and mediums. She draws upon historical decorative and textile designs combining these blueprints with soft reflective portraiture. BFA, University of the Arts; Post baccalaureate, Oregon College of Art and Craft. Currently working toward a MFA from CSU.


1st/2nd Year Juried Graduate Student Exhibition