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Clara Hatton


Guest Curator – Laureate Gitte Kath

Organizer – Carrie Care

Director – Phil Risbeck

Co-Director – John Gravdahl

The Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition is an internationally renowned biennial exhibition highlighting excellence in poster art from many countries. The Hatton Gallery will host new work from an invited list of eminent and emerging graphic designers. The 18th exhibition will showcase new trends in artistic techniques and overall human concerns. This biennial event is the only exhibition of its kind in North America. Honor Laureate Gitte Kath of Denmark will attend the opening reception and announce her selection of three award winners from over 70 designer’s works.

“The CIIPE is a unique opportunity to see first-hand how large format posters are used to communicate many kinds of social, political, and cultural messages. The international scope encourages understanding and dialogue through the graphic arts. While this show appeals to art students and professionals it also speaks to the broad interests of the general public.”

– John Gravdahl

18th Colorado International Invitational Poster