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Clara Hatton


“Mulligan” is an exhibition of new work by art and design collaborative Zero-Craft Corp.

Zero-Craft Corp. is an experimental studio engaging with art and design as highly compatible disciplines.  ZCC was founded by Mark Dineen and Michael Neville in 2015.

“Mulligan” is the culmination of a studio-intensive, interdisciplinary workshop organized and led by Zero-Craft Corp.  This workshop takes place over the course of four days (January 19 – 22) and involves undergraduate and graduate students of Colorado State University’s Department of Art & Art History.

For this project, ZCC collaborated with 36 CSU students, divided into 9 teams.  Each team was led by one or more CSU graduate students.  ZCC challenged teams to work with a limited material palette, a limited form language and within a limited amount of time throughout the course of the workshop.  Through iteration, critique and collaborative problem solving, each team designed a hole of golf in coordination with other teams to create a unified and functional miniature golf course in the Hatton Gallery.